Why transparency is important

Transparency relates to the openness with which you act and how clear you are in your intentions and actions.

ADCBV’s mission is to bring clear transparent information to consumers looking to have their air ducts cleaned. The current reputation and status of air duct cleaning businesses are not very good. We need to clear the air and it starts with business transparency and its daily operations.

It also pays off to be transparent, with 65% of customers likely to stay loyal to a brand they believe to be genuine, and 85% of people are likely to stand by a brand they think is honest during a crisis.

What does transparency in business mean?

Demonstrating transparency shows you have nothing to hide. When consumers can see who you are and what you stand for, they know they can trust you. People want to buy from companies that can be trusted.

Being transparent is an ADCBV Standard, so being “ADCBV Verified” lets customers know you act with integrity and transparency in all that you do.

Transparency includes:

  • Communicating with customers, including being forthcoming with information, even if it is unfavorable.
  • Being honest about mistakes and shortcomings, and open about remedies.

For consumers, transparency is:

  • Providing people with all the information. People also want to know about the fine details. Give them the most information possible related to your business and its daily operation.
  • Disclosing your pricing practices. Consumers want to know the total cost. They don’t want surprises or hidden charges. Listing prices on the business website is an excellent opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their transparency.

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