Verified Business Profiles

ATDBV Business verification confirms that a Business Owner or Manager must complete a business verification process form provided by TADBV. Once the form is completed it will be screened to verify its authenticity, once legal and professional requirements are in order the business will be awarded the ADCBV Verified business logo on their ADCBV Business profile and allowed to use the ADCBV Verified logo on their own website and marketing.

Give Customers One More Reason To Trust You

As an ADCBV Verified Business Profile, air duct cleaning consumers will be reassured that they’re hiring a transparent honest business.

ADCBV Business Profile Verification is nothing short of a blessing from the platform itself to help you pull ahead of competitors. It shows that you are credible and trustworthy. By putting in the effort to grow your social media presence and distinguish yourself in your field.

Make Your Business Profile Stand Out

When it’s decision time, an ADCBV Verified badge will help you stand above the competition. Consumers are 80% more likely to hire a business that is verified.

Becoming Verified Is Easy

  • Submit the following online form

  • Wait 48 hours for TADBV to verify your business

  • Get a TADBV Verified badge on your business profile

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