What is ADCBV Verified?

A business with a Verified badge means that we have checked all of their daily operations and professional requirements that were submitted to ADCBV — including .. experience, equipment, certifications and licenses — giving you more peace of mind before inviting an air duct cleaning professional into your home and making your next hiring decision.

You will know that a business is Verified if you see the badge on its profile page:

How Does A Duct Cleaning Business Become Verified?

Earning a Verified badge is a voluntary effort that an ADCBV-listed business opts in for. First, they submit an application form. We then screened the submission for accuracy and transparency for the following:

  • NADCA member
  • ASCS certified technicians
  • Specialist in air duct cleaning
  • No third-party or hired contractors
  • Experience of over 10+ years
  • Transparent online pricing
  • Truck-mount vacuums
  • High powered portable vacuums
  • Agitation cleaning with whips and brushes

Once we confirm all criteria have been answered truthfully, the business is then officially Verified and awarded the badge on its profile. The badge will then be displayed for a minimum of 1 year, after which the business might need to become re-Verified in order to ensure all of their requirements are still being met.

Should I Still Hire A Non-Verified Air Duct Cleaning Business?

The Verified badge should not be the only deciding factor when hiring your next air duct cleaner. Because ADCBV Verified is optional, there are still many great businesses to choose from on ADCBV. A Verified badge is simply one additional tool for homeowners to make an informed decision, as well to let you know that their business is in great standing and offers a transparent service you can trust.

Should you be interested in a business that is not ADCBV Verified we strongly suggest using the business profiles ADCBV Rating Score as a reference.

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