What is the ADCBV

Air Duct Cleaning Business Verification assists consumers to locate businesses they can trust. People turn to ADCBV to view ADCBV business profiles all available for free on ADCBV.com.

How do I check a company’s profile with Air Duct Cleaning Business Verification (ADCBV)?

Go to https://www.adcbv.com/for-consumers, then choose your country and enter the company name and province/state of the business (if known) into the search box at the top of the table.

Does ADCBV.com recommend or favor one business over another?

We at ADCBV.com do not show favoritism or ever recommend one business over another. We let you the consumer choose for yourself who to hire. We simply provide accurate not biased information related to that particular business.

How do I file a complaint with the ADCBV on a business?

Click here to file a complaint on a business with the Air Duct Cleaning Business Verification.


How do I add, edit or update my business profile on ADCBV.com

If you are interested in visiting the business center of ADCBV.com, please visit here.

Does ADCBV funding come from businesses?

The quick answer is “no”. The services provided by ADCBV are completely free.

Why does my business have a 0 rating?

The ADCBV rating system is gathered from the information we find publicly online. The ADCBV is focused on a business’s public transparency. Should the business falsely provide information it will be listed with a “0”.

How do I get a higher business profile score?

You can reach out to us directly here and follow our form instructions to update your profile account.

If I verify my business profile can I use the “ADCBV Verified” logo on my website or marketing?

Once you update your business profile to ADCBV and it’s been reviewed and accepted by us, you will receive and email confirmation of acceptance and be permitted to use the following logo for your business marketing.

How do I remove my business profile listing?

Business profile listings can only be removed by visiting here.

Suggestions related to the website or the ADCBV rating system.

Great! We love getting feedback from air duct cleaning business owners. Should you have a suggestion related to our website or the ADCBV rating system you can reach us here.

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